The Deal is a Zonk


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sounded more like a contestant on Let’s Make a Deal rather than a co-leader of the free world. Politics knows no boundaries.

No deal is a good deal. This is a bad deal.  Any deal is a bad deal. What’s behind curtain Number 1?

How about new 5th generation jet fighters for Israeli fighter pilots who train with our elite pilots and who share highly classified satellite imagery and high-tech intelligence.

What’s behind curtain Number 2? Offensive nuclear missile capabilities which should deter a first strike.

And behind Curtain Number 3? The Iron Dome, a sophisticated missile defense system which shows great promise in the future. American dollars financed the development of the aforementioned. This administration has provided more financial, military and intelligence assistance than any prior administration in history.

As House Speaker Boehner listens to Netan Yahoo quoting  Moses, “…Be strong and resolute, and may we stand together… God Bless the State of Israel and God Bless the United States of America,” I realized we’ve hit a new low in the divide. These guys are dinosaurs. America and Israel are as tight as ever not because of Netanyahu and Boehner, but in spite of these political relics hanging on by disparate threads of saber rattling and fear mongering.

Besides, it was their generation which produced the MAD policy. MAD or mutually assured destruction prevents North Korea from a first strike because South Korea shall respond. Pakistan knows India shall respond if necessary. Why would Iran be any different? Maybe the Saudi’s should have one too. Does that sound like a good deal? I smell a zonk.


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