PiDayEven the most loyal St. Patrick Day observers should tip their glasses to Pi Day which occurs once a century. Today is that day. At 9:26:53 this morning, Pi enthusiasts around the world are partying like it’s 3-14-15 because, well, it is March 14, 2015. It is very special Pi Day – one that only comes along once every 100 years!

This year, not only does the month and day of the date (3/14) correspond to the digits in the mathematical constant, the digits in the year do too. If you write the date in the month/day/year format, then the digits of the date 3/14/15 correspond to the first 5 digits of pi: 3.1415.

But that is not all. This year’s Pi Day goes a step further – at 9:26:53 am and 9:26:53 pm, the date and the time will exactly correspond to the first 10 digits of pi: 3.141592653. Many people are calling this the Pi Second. There is some disagreement over whether there will be two or one Pi Seconds on March 14. Many believe that there can only be one  since 9:26:53 pm in the 24 hour clock is 21:26:53.

So, this weekend when you gather with your friends over some slow simmering corned beef and cabbage and a cold one, remind them that today is Pi Day. Snap a photo of their response. And don’t forget to drink a toast to Albert Einstein. Today is his birthday.

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