BuxtonFarmMCBuxton Hollow Farm has dramatically improved its website. http://www.buxtonhollowfarm.com. The tea itself is ridiculously effective and it is more environmentally friendly than ANYTHING on the market today. I have used the product in the past and the results are amazing. I have recently used the product for cloning. Normally,  root growth takes a week or 2 to commence. Using Buxton’s tea, root growth started in 48 hours. That shocked me. The product stands alone and speaks for itself.

The new website is more user-friendly. It contains more information about the philosophy behind organic gardening and provides a coherent pretext  for its product(s). Graphics are much improved. Also, social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest have been added.

It is time to think Spring. Mike Cerrone, Jr is doing just that.

“My roses are saying, bring on growing season! We are sick of being cooped up in this basement. I owe much of their health and happiness (yes they have feelings too) to Buxton Hollow Farm’s organic compost tea blend. BHF’s recipe is the foundation of all my organic growing, and for good reason. These babies are raring to go!”

And, we are all raring to go past one of the snowiest winters on record. Buxton Hollow Farm is ready. Are you? And more importantly, is your soil? Visit buxtonhollowfarm.com today. Your soil will be glad you did!


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